$2 Million Expansion of Climate Voters Mobilization Program

September 28, 2022: The impactful Climate Voters Mobilization campaign has been expanded to a $14 million budget as the second wave of digital ads run in 26 Senate and House races.

Green Groups Launch Historic $100 Million Effort To Elect Climate Champions In 2022

June 6, 2022: The Climate Votes Project will build the political power to secure future climate policy and electoral victories.

Climate Power Action, LCV Victory Fund Announce $12 Million Strategic Paid Media and Direct Mail Campaign to Turn Out Two Million 'Climate Voters'

August 30, 2022: New polling and modeling show Climate Voters Mobilization campaign could turn out key group of Democratic voters.

Climate Power Action Launches to Turn Out Climate Voters and Bring Champions to Office in 2022 Midterms

June 6, 2022: Today, Climate Power launched Climate Power Action, a new organization that will be a key partner in the recently announced Climate Voters Project