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Climate Power Action Launches to Turn Out Climate Voters and Bring Champions to Office in 2022 Midterms


June 6th, 2022

Contact: Erik Mebust,

WASHINGTON, DC -- Today, Climate Power launched Climate Power Action, a new organization that will be a key partner in the recently announced Climate Voters Project. Led by veteran political strategist Heather Hargreaves, Climate Power Action is a PAC that will run an independent expenditure program focused on returning climate champions to office, building the political strength needed to secure and protect ambitious climate legislation. The efforts will center on a dynamic campaign aimed at turning out voters who want congressional candidates to make averting the climate crisis a top priority.  

“Climate Power Action will be crucial to defending and expanding the roster of climate champions in Congress this November,” said Heather Hargreaves, Executive Director of Climate Power Action and Senior Advisor to Climate Power. “Already, Americans have begun to feel the devastating effects of the climate crisis in their everyday lives – and it will only get worse. By turning out voters with the message that the Democratic Party is the party of climate action, this effort will prove acting on climate is smart policy and smart politics.”

The climate voter mobilization will be centered on a multi-month ad campaign to a modeled universe of over 2 million less engaged Democratic “climate voters” who are motivated by climate but at risk of not voting. Research indicates these voters will be more likely to show up and support a Democrat after hearing about candidates’ work to address the climate crisis. 

Data from recent elections show that climate change will be a key issue in the 2022 midterms. Climate is a top priority for young voters, and historically high youth turnout helped propel President Biden to victory in the 2020 presidential election and Democrats to retake the House in the 2018 midterms. A Climate Power poll with Hart Research this found that nearly half (44%) of young voters are not definite about voting in 2022, but that 79% of young Democrats would be much more motivated to vote in 2022 if strong action was taken on climate change. 

Americans are also encountering the devastating impact of climate change more than ever before. Last year, 1 in 3 Americans experienced severe weather, and already this year New Mexico is experiencing its most devastating wildfire season in its history. This November, voters will come to the ballot box on the heels of yet another summer projected to reach record-setting temperatures, and the likely return of major wildfires and devastating hurricanes.


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