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Climate Power Action, BlackPAC and Somos PAC Announce Over Half A Million Direct Mail Program Aimed at Turning Out Climate Voters of Color in Key Battleground States

October 13, 2022



Washington, D.C. – Today, Climate Power Action, BlackPAC and Somos PAC announced a more than half a million dollar direct mail marketing campaign aimed at turning out climate voters of color in key battleground states. The campaign is directed at Black and Latino voters who supported President Biden in 2020 and who are uniquely positioned to be energized by climate and environmental issues.


One of the four flights of mail has already been sent to approximately 122,000 Black voters in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin and 69,000 Latino voters in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Latino voters will receive bilingual English and Spanish mail pieces. The last three are expected to be mailed out in the coming weeks, including state specific pieces highlighting the climate records of the Senators running for re-election Mark Kelly, Catherine Cortez Masto, Raphael Warnock, and Senate candidates Mandela Barnes and John Fetterman.


“For generations, Black communities have had to bear the brunt of climate disasters in ways that are often overlooked, dismissed, or even created by those in positions of power. Rising temperatures, higher floods, and deadlier wildfires do not decide which communities they destroy, but oftentimes the policies to address and prevent them do,” said Adrianne Shropshire, Executive Director of Black Progressive Action Coalition. “This is why it is vital we are encouraging Black communities to use their power to elect candidates who understand the devastating effects of climate change and will stand with us to address and reverse them. We are partnering with Somos PAC and Climate Power Action in supporting the Biden-Harris Administration and other progressive leaders as they work to curtail the deadly effects of climate change. ”


“Climate change doesn’t only impact our health, our homes and our neighborhoods but it also deeply impacts our pocketbook and our ability to financially take care of our families,” said Melissa Morales, Founder and President of Somos PAC. “The Inflation Reduction Act continues to be the most important climate law in our generation and is part of a series of historic economic recovery packages that Democrats and President Biden have delivered on since taking office and squarely focused on providing working families with the tools they need to get ahead. Taking on climate change stands to bring even more economic opportunities that benefit everyone, including hardworking Latinos and other people of color. That is why this partnership and our campaign is so critical.”


“Climate Power Action is excited to be working with Somos PAC and BlackPAC to turn out Latino and Black voters that we know are disproportionately affected by climate change and are critical this election cycle.” said Heather Hargreaves, Climate Power Action Executive Director. “It is important that voters know about the historic climate legislation that was passed in Congress this year and that we must elect climate champions that will continue to address climate change.”


VIEW SAMPLE MAIL: "Our Vote is Powerful" 

VIEW SAMPLE BILINGUAL MAIL: “Nuestro Voto Es Poderoso”


In August, Climate Power Action announced a joint partnership with LCV Victory Fund on this climate voter mobilization program to turn out historically under-engaged voters with a unique climate message. The organizations developed a model with BlueLabs to specifically identify voters that increase their likelihood to vote and vote for Democrats with a climate message. These modeled voters are the targets for this joint mail program with BlackPAC and Somos PAC.


Interviews can be given in both English and Spanish, as requested.


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